Invisible Hands is a 3 issue mini series from American Gothic Press, based on the Silver Scream Award winning script by Laszlo Tamasfi.

Written by: Laszlo Tamasfi, Art by :Michael Malatini, Colors by: Riley Schmitz, Lettering by: Marshall Dillon



David Wasp made a terrible mistake. He volunteered to be the subject of a scientific experiment that was nowhere near ready for human trial, and now his mind is splitting into smaller and smaller fragments... Fragments that take the shape of stories, stirred up from the depths of his subconscious.  

He needs to find a way to drain them out of his head before he loses his mind, or, even worse, before they shatter his skull into a million pieces... 

He has no choice but to turn to the very people who were hellbent on stopping him in the first place.



The Bartok Corporation is in a race to find David Wasp before he can do more damage to himself. They suspect that their ex-employee is not the same person he was when he begun his experiments.

In the meanwhile, the stories drained from David's mind are becoming more and more bizarre... signaling, perhaps, that he's hiding a terrible secret.



What was the true purpose of David's experiment? And why did the Bartok Corporation -famous for pushing the boundaries of science- take an interest in exploring the human soul?

For the members of the Workshop, an underground group of scientists, hackers, engineers, and intellectuals, the answer to these questions have great ramifications. 

Was it a mistake for them to help David?

Are they standing on the wrong side of history?