Caliber Presents Volume 4: THE OBSERVATORY

The Observatory is the 4th installment in Caliber Comics' anthology series, Caliber Presents. It collects the best of the flash fiction webcomic (then simply called Observatory) that ran between 2014 and 2017, and includes a brand new framing story, a gallery, a prose short story, and an introduction by horror author Mary SanGiovanni

Written/Created by: Laszlo Tamasfi, Art by: Jeremy Ray, Lost Arno, Branko Jovanovic, Akhmad Yusuf Marzuki Wijaya, Andi Supriyono, Gergely Leposa, Eleonora Kortsarz, Justin Cornell, Jozsef Svab, Tejlor, Tesni Edathil & Manoj Kumar A, Michael Malatini, Earl Geier, Luca Bulgheroni, Facundo Nehuen Lopez, Atagun Ilhan, Gustavo Arian Desimone, Edited by: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, Colors by: Jeremy Ray, Lost Arno, Jozsef Svab, Tesni Edathil & Manoj Kumar A, Lettering by: Jeremy Ray, Laszlo Tamasfi, Introduction: Mary SanGiovanni

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Caliber Presents volume 4: THE OBSERVATORY

 In order to fulfill the last wishes of his eccentric millionaire uncle, James has to spend a night in a long-abandoned observatory and confirm the existence of the mysterious Planet X. A celestial object that is unknown to modern science, but was more than familiar to the ancient tribes of the Amazon who worshiped bloodthirsty gods all those centuries ago. While waiting for the planet to reveal itself, James kills time reading his uncle’s dream journal... just to find out firsthand that the visions that tortured him at night were more than mere figments of his imagination.

 Written by Laszlo Tamasfi and illustrated by Jeremy Ray, Lost Arno, Branko Jovanovic and many more, The Observatory collects stories from that strange corner of the horror genre where anything can happen and nothing is off limits! Where the secret behind the family’s famous meatball recipe is even more stomach-turning than you feared, the mascots in front of the shopping mall are not wearing costumes, and the elevator knows how to shake the strollers between floors so the babies never grow up to be annoying teenagers.



Observatory Comics was a flash fiction webcomic active between 2014 and 2017 at Each installment was a one page long, stand alone short story. Over the years, it was a regular feature at, was included as back matter in Hoax Hunters #3, #4 and #5, and found its way onto the pages of Galaktika and The Charleston Anvil.

There was an extremely limited 28 page physical version created for promotional purposes, and it was only available to the public once: on March 22nd, 2017, at All Books and Comics in St Augustine, Florida, during a signing of Invisible Hands #1.